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UDM is a cooperative group that harvests, transforms
and markets products derived from grapes.

Our commitment
to environment and society

In our industry of reprocessing by-products, the winegrowing sector is one of the major concerns of our civilization. UDM participates in this moral, valuable and universal commitment:
How the intelligence of people generates a clean economy, major source of innovation, jobs and a better quality of life.

Vigneron space

UDM is committed to the wine industry structurally, economically and emotionally. UDM is at the service of the wine community.

environmental management of vineyards

Our winemakers are responsible

By delivering their wine by-products to UDM, winemakers offer a second life to their harvest and contribute to the creation of new products. They participate in the development of the sector, its good environmental management and the benefits of a dynamic circular economy.

A positive circle

By collecting natural products from grapes and then transforming and enhancing them, UDM fits perfectly into the sustainable development approach.

grape harvest

They trust us

Discover all the partners of the UDM Group. A partnership of trust, what about you?

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