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Become a key player today and take charge of your future.

UDM carries the strong and legitimate will to reinforce and support the living base of its existence and its future: the world of wine growers.

UDM is:

  • Bearer of memory, that of ancestral know-how but also of a coherent cooperative action carried by its values since nearly a century.
  • Major player in the present, by its position as leader in its markets, the ambition of its governance and its permanent search for optimum performance.
  • Responsible for the future, through its ethical commitments: circular economy, respect for life cycles, Sustainable Development.
la seconde vie du raisin, raisin utilisation
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what makes us different:

UDM naturally defends the values of cooperation, proudly and responsibly valuing “the second life of our grapes.”

We intend to enlighten, explain our role, our assets! UDM is committed to the wine industry, it is a structural, economic and emotional reality that we proudly intend to make known.

Discover the advantages of UDM:

  • Proximity  of service
  • Dedicated teams
  • A director at each site in contact with their members
  • A structure built around the needs of our members, customers and partners
  • Customized products, listening to customers and members in order to meet their expectations

Your UDM services

Zero cost for collection

Various low-cost transport (filtration sediment and stalks …)

Wastewater treatment

Development of RCM (Rectified Concentrated Musts)

Oenological products below market prices (RCM – Tartaric products – alcohol – tannins)

Organic amendments at competitive prices

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