Our group

Grapes, sites and people

UDM is composed of 6 production sites and 6 subsidiaries.

We are leaders in the processing and marketing of by-products of vine. Our purpose is to support the winegrowing sector. The values of cooperation drive our efforts, and it is with pride and responsibility that we give a “second life” to our grapes.

Union des distilleries
de la Méditerranée

Our 6 sites are organized around a succession of workshops that treat the products and by-products of vine in order to extract different elements: alcohol, calcium tartrate, seeds, pulp, compost and liquid fertilizers.

Commercial subsidiaries

tartricmed logo

Marketing of tartaric acid, metatartaric acid, Rochelle salt, cream of tartar, and various acids used in oenology; Purchase and processing of tartaric residues derived from vinification.

sucren entreprise

Marketing of grape sugar, polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanins; Marketing of brandies, vinegar production.


logo distillerie du beaujolais

Production of distilled alcoholic beverages and grape by-products.

logo raisinor

Raisinor Pépin: Marketing of seeds for the production of grape seed oil.

Raisinor Alcohol: Marketing of industrial alcohol, bio-ethanol and ED95 through its partner BAE (Dyneff).

Marketing, aging and refining brandy alcohol.

unit logo

Marketing of calcium tartrate products and derived products.

Key figures

marcs de raisin

200 000
tons of grape marc collected


22 counties
in collection area

udm vin

150 000 Hl of wine lees collected
100 000 Hl of wines collected

raisin udm

French wine production

salaries udm

170 employees

50 Million euros
in consolidated sales

caves udm

170 cooperatives wineries
6000 private wineries

distillery vineyards grouping grouping

Our certifications

In a proactive approach, we seek to satisfy the expectations of our members and our customers by adapting our processes and our organization to the multiple requirements of our company.

ECOCERT Certification: Organic farming certification for neutral alcohols, composts, liquid fertilizer, rectified concentrated musts.
Referenced input usable in BIO: compost

KOSHER Certification: Anthocyanins , pholyphenols and tannins of grape skin
HALAL certification: Anthocyanins, pholyphenols and tannins, and grape seed


Centralized on our core business, UDM is organized on a transversal model:

  • Spirit of collaboration
  • Participatory spirit: our projects are managed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • Everyone finds their place in their field of competence
  • The Director at the head of each site has autonomy to manage their sector in the interest of the company and its members
  • The Managing Director coordinates the group’s activities and strategy in line with the orientations decided by the Board of Directors.

Research &

Our goal is to promote all winemaking by-products through close collaboration with several regional and national research institutes in order to offer our customers new products derived from grapes and to ensure optimum quality.

  • Development of new processes of extraction and implementation of our products for new markets in agribusiness, parapharmacy, cosmetics and other industries.
  • Actor in the improvement and optimization of our processes within the framework of Sustainable Development.
  • Collaboration on research on the protective effects of molecules in the polyphenol family on human health.
  • Research on the quality and physical stability of anthocyanins to optimize their coloring power.
  • Adaptation of our know-how to other products derived from agriculture to provide new opportunities.