Our markets & applications

Wealth and diversity of our markets

The marketing of grape by-products is spread over at least four major markets: agricultural, food, industrial and energy. Our subsidiaries Tartricmed, Sucren, Raisinor France, UFAB and UNIT actively contribute to this development.

industrial alcohol manufacture

Various industries

Industrial alcohol: chemical industry, perfumery …

Tartaric Acid: cement building sector, metal processing, mirror manufacturing, dry cleaning, photography, cigarette paper.

oenology distillery


Seeds and skins have different properties. Grape seed tannins stabilize color and reinforce the balance of the wine’s tannic structure while protecting from oxidation.

Grape skin tannins promote a stable wine color and are an ideal complement to fining.

Tartaric Acid and Malic Acid: acidify ripe grape musts and bottled wines after malolactic fermentation.

Metatartaric acid: crystallization and tartaric precipitation inhibitor in the bottle.

Cream of tartar: catalyst during the tartaric stabilization of wines.

Grape sugar: enrichment of musts, sweetener for wines, used in making liqueurs for sparkling wines.

food distillery


RCM (Rectified Concentrated Musts): sweetens and enhances flavor in alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, cookies, chocolates, fruit desserts, ice cream, dairy products, sauces, etc …

Natural Pigments (Anthocyanins): adds color to food and simulates the original color if it has been altered during processing. Examples: jams, jellies, drinks, dairy products, cereals, confectionery, ice cream …

Extracts of white and red wines: enhances sauces or ready meals.

Potable Alcohols: used to make and market fruit spirits or other spirits. UDM offers its own range of spirits.

udm agriculture, agriculture market


Inputs of natural origin for professionals but also for individuals: “organic composted amendment and stimulating liquid fertilizers ” for the soil without massive release of nitrogen.

They are employed in viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture and vegetable gardens.

Organo-mineral fertilizers: the market for natural fertilizers is in constant development. It responds to the demand for environmentally friendly agriculture that wants to substitute synthetic molecules and reduce greenhouse gases.

biofuel production in france


The E10 biofuel obtained from grape marc is the first bioethanol of the second generation developed in France. Added to gasoline at a rate of 10% (E10) it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

The ED95 biofuel has been approved since February 2016, a 95% ethanol fuel, a diesel substitute for heavy vehicles (buses and trucks, equipped with a specific engine).

cosmetic nutraceuticals, vine products nutraceuticals


Grape seed polyphenols are used to develop treatments that prevent and relieve including disorders of the cardiovascular system, degenerative and joint diseases, adverse effects related to menopause.

Grape skin polyphenols, rich in antioxidants, are used to accompany treatments and anti-aging care, to promote the dilation of the vessels or to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells.

distillerie pharmaceutique udm


Polyphenols: used to develop treatments that prevent and relieve including disorders of the cardiovascular system, degenerative diseases and joints.

Tartaric acid is used as an excipient or carrier of the active ingredient.

livestock feed

Animal Feed

Dehydrated grape pulp and polyphenols are used by animal feed professionals, particularly for large and small livestock (cows, sheep, pigs …) and barnyard animals (particularly adapted to rabbits).